About Packaging Tapes

Prima Tapes & Labels Ltd are proprietors and exclusive importers of the registered 'PRIMA' brand range of self-adhesive tapes. 'PRIMA' has established itself as a sought after marque of consistent quality, considered to be one of the more important brands in the market place. Our tapes are sourced directly from the very best manufacturers in Italy and China, manufactured to the exacting quality requirements our customers expect.

Our Packaging tapes range at the top end from our vinyls carrying top quality solvent adhesives to mid- range polypropylenes available in both quick and slow release formats carrying premium solvent adhesives to mid-range hot melt adhesives and onto the economy priced acrylic adhesives.

Masking Tapes are similarly available across a quality range of adhesives (solvent to hot melt) and include our very popular ‘ecomask’ tape where environmental considerations are important.

For all our Prima tapes, please refer to the Specifications brochure for in depth detail.

General Principles of Product Use - Temperature and Humidity

  1. The optimum temperature range for the storage of pressure sensitive tapes is 15-25°C
  2. If the storage temperature drops below 10°C, bring the tape back to above 15° before use
  3. Tapes should not be stored near heat sources nor in areas of high humidity, particularly where salinity is evident.
  4. Humidity should not exceed 65%


  1. Pressure sensitive tapes should be stored in their original packaging and not loose
  2. Light, particularly ultra-violet rays, cause deterioration of adhesiveness


  1. Tapes in their original packaging should be stored on shelves, not on the ground.
  2. Cartons should be stacked vertically to avoid roll deformation.
  3. Storage should not exceed 6 months; programmed warehouse rotation is recommended.