Prima Labels

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Prima Labels

Within the printed label division, we have three 6 colour 2200 Mark Andy presses and one 3 colour Mark Andy press. They are supported by three slitter/re-winders.

We can offer the following features

  1. Spot and process colour printing up to 6 colours
  2. Paper and polypropylene base materials
  3. Permanent, Peelable, Block-Out and Destructible materials
  4. For ambient and freezer use
  5. Suitable for machine over-printing and hand/automatic application
  6. Rolled, fan-folded, sprocketed, sheeted formats
  7. Plain and coloured labels for laser and thermal printers
  8. Excellent quality using modern, state-of-the-art Mark Andy presses
  9. A highly experienced and skilled management and printing team

Our high throughput of production enables us to import paper stock directly from Paper Suppliers’ factories in Germany and Belgium.